What Fidenz Academy is, and How We’ve Made This Far

Our journey began back in 2011, Fidenz Academy was yet to form. We had only invited undergraduates to train with us as an experiment. Such efforts were successful for both trainees and Fidenz. Some of the trainees were permanently hired, and they are top senior engineers with us now. Soon after the initial experiment, we were recruiting more and more trainees.
We decided to adapt Fidenz Academy as our CSR model that would benefit the community by empowering and creating job opportunities for individuals who had a passion for the art of software development.
Undergraduates, fresh graduates, or simply any individual who has a passion for software development are selected, trained, and mentored by senior engineers on multiple technologies.
Hence we formulated a set of tutorials for the trainees, followed by assessments. With such changes and modifications Fidenz Academy was taking shape and form. Today, the academy follows a well structured and an improved set of tutorials and assignments. Further we have increased space to accommodate around 20 persons to train with us simultaneously.

Testimonials from Fidenz Academy Graduates

Fidenz Academy Trainers